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since 2001

Our History

Worthing Community Chest is a local charity whose aim is to support projects and activities in Worthing that work to improve Worthing and bring our community together. We were established in 2001 and, since then, we have helped more than 300 groups and awarded over £300,000 in grants.

We do this through our grants project, awarding up to £1,500 to community groups and charities in the town. We will consider supporting any group in the area who match our criteria and whose objective is to improve the community.

funded groups

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What Drives Us

Our Mission

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Our Trustees

noel atkins


martin ansell

Vice Chairman

ann stimpson


shirley robinson viney


malcolm brett


Zach walker


rigobel fokou

Trustee / Treasurer

Vicky vaughan


naomi wildey

Grants Administrator

Become a Trustee

As a trustee, we look for someone passionate about our local community and what is happening in Worthing. Ideally, we hope a new trustee will bring unique knowledge and experience.


What are a trustee’s commitments?

  • Attending board meetings, one every 6 weeks
  • Keeping up to date with the progress and work of the charity
  • Commit to 2-4 hours of additional work within a committee or representing us at events

bob smytherman

Worthing Community Chest Patron