Our purpose

Worthing Community Chest is a registered, local, independent charity that enables local groups and charities to achieve community enrichment.

Funding supports any initiative or idea that addresses one or more of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), also known as the Global Goals: https://www.globalgoals.org/goals/

You can read more about how we integrate the global goals by following this link

Our Vision

To be the “go-to” funder and partner of new and developing community groups in Worthing.

Together we improve, transform and enrich lives.

Our Mission

Worthing Community Chest is your local funder. We fund and nurture early-stage community groups and charities operating in Worthing through an effective and accessible small grants process. We use the UN Sustainable Development Goals, ask known as the Globals Gloss, as the frame work to inspire ideas and innovation. Please read our Global page and share which goals your work helps to meet. You can choose up to three goals.


We partner and collaborate with local groups and great people to do amazing things.


Our grants enable the Worthing community to connect.

Harmonious Communities

Enabling innovation opportunities to unite communities, improving wellbeing and inclusion.


We make the grant process as accessible and engaging as possible, and talk our groups through the process.


Our groups are diverse, and the projects and people we fund vary greatly.

Global Local

Our funds are making magic in Worthing and also helping the UN SDGs (Global Goals) to meet their targets.