Funding Rounds for 2024

Below are the key dates for this year’s funding. This year we will have three Funding Rounds.

Funding Round 1

Start Date: January 1st
Application Deadline: February 29th
Appraisal Panel: March 27th

Funding Round 2

Applications accepted from: March 1st
Official Start Date: May 1st
Application Deadline: Jun 30th
Appraisal Panel: August 7th

Funding Round 3

Applications accepted from: July 1st
Official Start Date: September 1st
Application Deadline: October 31st
Appraisal Panel: November 27th

Good to know

Funding Rounds only apply to our Grants for Growth funding stream. For Seed Grants and Grass Roots Grants we accept applications throughout the year and they are considered monthly.

For Grants for Growth you can, if you wish, apply at any time during the year if you are ready to do so. Your application can be looked over by the Grants Committee to check its eligibility and to clarify any information they require. However, your application will not be considered for an award until the Appraisal Panel of the Funding Round in effect when your application was finalised. Therefore, if you submit an application after the closing date of one Funding Round you will need to be prepared to wait until after the next Round closes before your application is appraised.