Trustee and volunteering opportunities

Worthing Community Chest is a registered, local, independent charity that enables local groups and charities to achieve community enrichment. Our Vision is to be the “go-to” funder and partner of new and developing community groups in Worthing. Together we improve, transform and enrich lives.

We are looking to recruit skilled volunteers, trustees, and friends who help us to achieve our vision. By joining us, you know that your time and commitment will make an immediate impact on the Worthing Community.

Take a look at our groups to get a feel for who we have funded in the past. The skills we are looking for are listed on the right or below, depending if you are viewing on a mobile device or desktop.

Trustee and volunteering REWARDS

All roles are voluntary, however, our trustees have said that the reward for being part of our team is priceless. In return for your time, you will:

  1. Have the opportunity to learn new skills and put skills into practice. This will count as part of your Continuous Professional Development.
  2. Have the power to influence the way we manage our grant giving.
  3. Have a direct impact upon enriching the Worthing Community.

You can become a trustee, a volunteer role or opt for a simple skill-swapping arrangement. Your circumstances and personal life position will determine which is the best option for you.

Trustee role

A trustee role is a legal position, and you will have commitments which are governed by law, more of which can be found by following this link. Trustees meet every six weeks for a board meeting, and there will be working groups in-between to help us fundraise and form partnerships. Trustees would be expected to join in fundraising events, tasks and be an ambassador for Worthing Community Chest.


Joining us as a volunteer is less formal but equally rewarding. You will not be required at board meetings. You set your own hours, however, we will need volunteers to be reliable. Even if you only have one hour per week, this would be fantastic.


This is more of a project-based arrangement. We are looking to build a grants’ portal so our groups and trustees can track the progress of applications and payments. If you know of someone with experience in building portals, or has a similar portal technology that they could share with us. Please contact us.




If the following projects appeal to you, please contact You can help us either as a trustee or volunteer, or on a project basis. You choose.

Fundraising Innovation Meister:  You may see yourself on Dragons’ Den with your blockbusting ideas, but could you answer the Dragon’s finance questions? I promise that our trustees are kind. However, people have changed, and so has the way they donate to charity. We need an injection of Fundraising innovation (and implementation) that excites corporates and charity givers, so we can continue to enrich the Worthing Community. The beauty of giving your time to Worthing Community Chest is that all funds raised for grant giving stay in Worthing. Time commitment: Minimum 1 hour per week as a volunteer, or as a trustee, one board meeting every six weeks, 6.30-8.30pm. Plus up to 6 hours commitment per month.

Money Motivator (Treasurer’s Assistant):  Do numbers excite you? Does money motivate you? Do accounts activate you? If you are training to be an accountant, or looking for a career upgrade in finance, then Worthing Community Chest is the perfect platform for you to achieve this. The bonus is that you will be enriching the Worthing Community at the same time. Time commitment: We see this as a minimum commitment of one year. Board meeting every six weeks, 6.30-8.30pm. Plus up to 6 hours in working groups per month.

Legal Legend: Does policy wording excite you? We are renowned for our simple and accessible grant process. However, as laws evolve, it is essential that we keep on top of things.  We are in the process of updating all our policies so they are in line with current legislation. If you consider legality to be a life of luxury, then this could be the perfect role for you. Time commitment: We see this as a minimum commitment of one year. Board meeting every six weeks, 6.30-8.30pm. Plus up to 6 hours in working groups per month.

Superpower Grant Teleporter (grants portal coder): We are looking to create an online grants portal system to teleport our grant applicants from application to successful awarding of grants, including the payment of their grants. The portal will ping our glorious groups with updates, or additional questions. We require help with this. Are you our Superpower Grant Teleporter? Time commitment: We see this as a voluntary role, however, if you would like to join our team of trustees as an IT expert, and be part of our board meetings, then we are open to this.

Super Secretary: Although we tend to share the minute and agenda preparation, there are other administrative responsibilities, including DBS checks for our vista of volunteers, that require co-ordinating. Therefore, if you are excited by organising people and would like to join us in this role, please contact us.

Networker or Toastmaster Extraordinaire:  Are you a social soul? In order to enrich our community, we need to share the news of our grand grants. This can be achieved by public speaking or representing us at events. Also, our when our funded groups have completed their community-enriching projects and events, we need help to promoting their amazing work.

Please contact for further information.