Are you a small group or project wanting to get started?

Our Grass Roots funding stream awards grants of up to £750. The Grass Roots grant is for newly formed organisations who have small projects they are hoping to get off the ground. These groups may have little or no experience of fundraising so we offer support with the process.

  • You can apply for a Grass Roots Grant at any time throughout the year.
  • All Grass Roots Grant applications are reviewed monthly, by our Grants Committee of WCC trustees.
  • The Grants Committee awards Grass Roots Grants, so it may be possible to get a decision on your application relatively quickly.
  • You may be asked further questions by the Grants Committee before a decision on your application can be made.
  • You can get advice, or help with your application, from our Grants Administrator.
  • Grass Roots Grants are forward-funded which can be very helpful when you’re just starting out!
Frequently Asked Questions
What are our criteria
  • improving the quality of life for those that may be disadvantaged
  • promoting social cohesion
  • proposing a new or innovative idea
  • improving the community
  • enhancing an existing group or service
What we promise
  • Actively support projects and groups through the application process
  • Treat every application individually and equally
  • Ensure that the money within the grant awarded is spent on the items agreed during your application
Who makes the decision

At the very beginning of the process when you’re preparing your application for submission you will be guided through this by our wonderful Grants Administrator! Your application will then be reviewed by our Grants Committee which consists of three of our trustees.

Where do we fund

We fund groups and charities whose projects directly benefit Worthing residents. That means anywhere within the black border on our map. If you are unsure if you qualify, just get in touch!

What we don't fund
We do not fund salaries or groups/projects outside the Worthing boundary, shown in the map above. Please refer to our full list of criteria.