Announcing Our Covid-19 Crisis Funding

We are offering an emergency funding opportunity to anyone who is setting up small, ad hoc, neighbourhood projects in response to the coronavirus. In particular, any group considering schemes to reach isolated people, deliver food or medicines, run additional food banks or supplies, provide meals for school children etc. We are offering grants of up to £250 that are designed to be as flexible, quick and easy as possible.

We are currently accepting initial email applications. Please include your name, and some of the names of the people you are working with, a contact number, a brief description of what you are doing (or hoping to do), and what your estimated costs are. Please note that we understand neighbourhood support groups, (also called mutual aid groups), are more likely to be supplying food, toiletries and medicines as and when requested. Let us know if this is the case.

Our grants will be given in advance which means you will have them at your disposal as soon as possible. You are responsible for sending us all of your receipts or proof of payments.

In order to tell the story of how Worthing’s communities and neighbourhoods stepped up to cope in crisis, we will also be asking you to feed back to us a loose idea of how many people you were able to support. Where appropriate, compelling anecdotes, photos and videos are great, it’s so much better to hear individual experiences.

We are grateful for all that you, our volunteer community, are doing at this time, and we look forward to supporting you. Please get in touch! Email for more information and to apply.

Other important resources: a local website created to put neighbourhood groups in touch with individuals and each other. We highly recommend that you register with them to avoid duplicating support efforts in your area.

Local Facebook Support Groups: several have sprung up covering most areas in Worthing. The Worthing C19 Support Network is just one of them. Please search for relevant groups in your area to check what support is already in place.

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NHS Responders and Volunteers can register using the GoodSam app