Apply for Funding

On this page you’ll find everything you need to start your application! You can now use the same form for all our grants.

Applications for Seed Grants and Grass Roots Grants are reviewed by our Grants Committee at the next meeting following submission. Grants for Growth applications are first reviewed by the Grants Committee and, if eligible, referred to the Appraisal Panel for the funding round in which the application was made. The Grants Committee may ask for more information before referring your application. You can find out more about our funding round timetable here.

Please carefully read our application guidelines and funding criteria before starting your application. These will help you to understand whether you are ready to apply and to gather all the information and documents you will need. You can save your application to return to it later, but your application will only be complete when all the necessary information has been received.

You will receive an email showing the information you have given us, but we suggest you keep copies of all information relating to your application together, in case it’s needed in future by you or your group.

Need Help?

If you have any questions before you start, or need support with your application, you can contact our friendly Grants Administrator who will be very happy to help.