Worthing Community Chest out enriching the community - launch of fundraising streams

CAPTION:  Photo by Andrew Lawrence. From left to right, Richard Nowak, Vicky Vaughan, Malcolm, Susan Macillan

Worthing Community Chest, the local charity committed to community enrichment, is pioneering a new fundraising approach that aligns with the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development. The charity is harnessing the power of these global objectives to drive positive change within the Worthing community.

Worthing Community Chest recognises that global challenges often require local solutions. By embracing the United Nations Global Goals, the charity is demonstrating a remarkable commitment to enriching lives in the heart of Worthing.

A Personalised Approach

“At Worthing Community Chest, we believe in the power of personalised giving,” said Vicky Vaughan, Partnerships & Strategy Co-ordinator at Worthing Community Chest. “Our innovative fundraising approach enables donors to specify which Global Goal resonates with them most, ensuring their contributions are aligned with their values.”

When preparing their wills, donors can select from a range of Global Goals, for example, Goal 3: Good Health and Wellbeing or Goal 14: Life Below Water, to direct their support towards the groups we fund that focus in these areas. This level of personalisation empowers donors to be active participants in shaping the future of their community.

Creating a Lasting Legacy

This groundbreaking initiative extends to Worthing Community Chest’s Wills and Legacy Programme, allowing donors to leave a legacy that carries forward their values and aspirations, as well as supporting their chosen Global Goal.

We’re excited to announce that Ann-Marie Shine-Newton from Lion Wills and Estates who has joined our panel of solicitors and will-writing experts, setting a strong foundation for this exciting new venture.

Join Us in Enriching Worthing

Worthing Community Chest invites individuals and businesses alike to join in this exciting journey of community enrichment through the United Nations Global Goals. 

Together, we can unlock treasures, foster sustainability, and create lasting change in Worthing.

Contact: Vicky Vaughan, 07909 693172, vicky@worthingcommunitychest.org