About Us

Worthing Community Chest is a registered, local, independent charity. We support projects and activities in Worthing that work to enrich our local community and residents. We do this by awarding small grants to groups, clubs, events and other good causes around Worthing.

We were established in 2001 and have helped more than 300 groups, awarding over £400,000 in grants.

Our funds are raised through income from our recycling partnerships, which include Worthing Borough Council. They donate money raised from Worthing’s textile recycling bins.

The more old clothes and shoes we can collect, the more we can support our community!



Our Grants Programme

Seed grants

Seed Grants are our smallest grant type awarding up to £250. These grants are aimed at new groups to help them get started, or for emergency situations. Applications are welcome all year round and are assessed by our Grants Committee. Click below for more information.

grass root grants

Grass Root Grants are awarded up to £750 and are aimed at smaller groups and projects. We often receive applications from our Seed Grant groups. We accept applications on a rolling basis and they are assessed by our Grants Committee. Find out more below.

grants for growth

Grants for Growth funding awards up to £1,500 to groups with larger projects in mind. The Grants for Growth applications are assessed at our Appraisal Panel, of former grant recipients. These take place three times a year. Click below for further details.

  1. Please note that our next Funding Round deadline is 30th June 2024.
  2. All grant applications received are first considered by our Grants Committee which meets monthly.
  3. Decisions on Seed Grant and Grass Roots Grant applications will be made by this committee.
  4. The committee also decides whether Grants for Growth applications can be progressed forward to our Appraisal Panel.
  5. The Appraisal Panel meets in the month following the end of each Funding Round at which point they award Grants for Growth funds.

£420,000 awarded to local groups

300+ groups funded in over 20 years